Established in 1997 by Minish Agrawal, an accomplished Bachelor of Engineering graduate from the 1989 batch, Ovilite stands as a testament to over 25 years of industry-leading expertise. Celebrating its 27th year in 2024, Ovilite has marked its presence with several landmark projects. Under Mr. Agrawal's visionary leadership, the company has flourished, now boasting a robust team of over 80 dedicated professionals. This team is a diverse blend of senior-level managers, seasoned engineers, innovative marketing experts, vigilant supervisors, and highly skilled personnel, all committed to excellence.

As a dynamic entity, ovilite serve as specialise Epc contractor, involving design and execution of specialised building works. Ovilite is importer, distributer, and execution part as a distributor and application partner for several multinational corporations in India. Our notable partnerships include Grace Construction Products USA, Danosa Spain, MYK Arment India, Keshun China, Soprema France, Asian Paints, CICO, BASF, Cryso, fosroc , carlisle , cikka, Newkem, Tema Italy, and others.

To date, Ovilite has successfully executed over 500 projects. These encompass eight airports, two metros, and numerous government and private projects, specializing in waterproofing, structural steel fireproofing, insulation, landscape products, flooring, anticarbonation coatings, PU injections, repair, and rehabilitation.

Ovilite is a trailblazer in introducing and promoting various specialized building products in India for example, vermiculite and vermiculite-based products, for various construction applications. Our operations span mining, manufacturing, research & development, import, and marketing of vermiculite and its derivatives. We operate a manufacturing plant in Rajasthan, producing approximately 4000 tons of vermiculite-based products annually.

Storage Facilities:

Our efficient logistical infrastructure includes three warehouses in South Delhi, boasting a combined storage space of 10,000 sq ft.

Current Product Range:

1) Specialized Waterproofing Systems: Offering both Preventive and Remedial solutions.
2) Fireproofing Products: Specially designed for structural steel to enhance safety.
3) Landscape Drainage Solutions: Includes innovative Drainage Boards and Drainage Cells.
4) Geotextile: High-quality fabrics designed for geotechnical applications.
5) Expansion Joint Systems: Engineered for durability and safety.
6) Roof and Wall Insulation Products: Efficient solutions for thermal management.
7) Acoustical Products: Comprising Acoustical Plasters and Acoustical Membranes for superior soundproofing.
8) Grass Track Pavers: Ideal for fire tender pathways and parking areas, ensuring stability and aesthetics.
9) Flooring: Industrial and commercial flooring systems
10) Anti-carbonation coatings: For bridges and via ducts
11) Bridge deck waterproofing systems: Protecting bridge structures

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